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Consent to Participate

The Heights Marriage and Relationship Center


The services being offered are strictly for educational purposes.  These session and/or classes are not intended for any type of therapeutic counseling and the educators are not represented as such. We do possess extensive education, expertise and skills to help couples relearn new ways to have a healthy relationship. What we do here is unique and gives couples tools to work their relationship.

Huber Heights Marriage and Relationship Center makes no guarantee express or implied on the outcome of the relationship or marriage.  The Educators might make recommendations to other providers but make no guarantees of their services or areas of expertise.


Huber Heights Marriage and Relationship Center has a “no secrets” policy. It is our goal to develop relationships with no secrets. All information given by either partner will be considered “common knowledge” and we will encourage honesty in order to have a healthy relationship.


The educational approach we use is based on biblical principles and their application. We reserve the right to refuse service to those who will not abide by those principles during their time here. Examples include (but not limited to) refusing to terminate an active affair, active domestic violence, or active pursuit of a divorce while still seeing us.


Huber Heights Marriage and Relationship Center follows mandatory reporting guidelines  to ensure safety for all couples and individuals. (Suicide, physical/sexual/mental abuse, homicidal ideologies or harmful gestures will be addressed appropriately)  We encourage safe practices and good ethics for all.


The Relationship Center and educators do not engage in any court proceedings for any couple who may be separating or divorcing. We only work toward reconciliation or unification of the couple and/or family.  We do not provide any documentation such as notes or past records of such educational sessions.


For the benefit of new and current clients we ask everyone to give a 24 hour notice of cancellation, if at all possible. Otherwise there is a cancellation fee of $25.00 payable before or on the next scheduled appointment. Educators will use their own discretion when choosing to implement this.


By consenting to participate I agree to the guidelines stated above and I will not hold the organization; Huber Heights Marriage and Relationship Center or any its affiliates or educators liable in any way. We use education to help relationships grow and thrive. With consistent practice and an open heart you can develop a loving relationship.


Thank you!

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