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We wanted to update our couples on the status of our offices since a number of you have asked when our physical offices will be reopening. As you know by now, good information is difficult to obtain because of the number of experts on both sides claiming they are correct. Although a number of places have decided to open as "business as usual" we have decided against it for the following reasons. 

  • The exposure time for each couple is an hour. Trips to a store are usually quick. The more time you spend with someone (even if they are asymptomatic) the more likely you are to become infected. Our exposure time is much more than a trip to the store or even a doctor.

  • We would need to use face masks. This completely defeats the purpose of looking at someone's facial expressions to determine mood, understanding, emotions, etc. We need to be aware of body language because it contains a lot of information used for communication.

  • Even if you are not sick, we have no way of knowing about the person before you, or if we are carrying and are asymptomatic. 


Our first and foremost directive is to do no harm. If we make an error, we want to err on the side of safety. This is why we have chosen to keep our physical offices closed for a while longer. Before you go, please make sure you check out our thoughts about virtual appointments.

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