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Is this person my soul mate?

Love is a wonderful thing, and so is falling in love. You talk for hours, you have everything in common, you can finish each others sentences. Now you are wondering, is this the one?

   Or maybe you have been burnt before, and wondering why you seem to be a "jerk magnet". After all, you've tried to be nice and your partners in the past have just taken advantage of you. How do you find someone that will appreciate what you have to bring to the relationship?

   The bad news is we can't find your soul mate for you. eHarmony,, Christian Mingle might offer you a chance to meet the person, but even they can't guarantee it. The good news is you both can learn to be the person. It's not always about finding the right person. After you find the right person, you both have to learn how to be the right person, and that's were we can help.

   Here is something to think about the next time you go out on a date. Are you dating or courting? In other words, are you actively looking for traits you'd like to have in your future "soul mate", or just killing time. There is nothing wrong with dating just for fun, but remember, when you're involved with someone else the "right one" might not think you're available.

   Please contact us for a number of ways to make dating fun and productive!

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