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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes you different than other counselors?

It is our focus. Most counselors will list many things they are willing to help with, from anorexia to voyeurism and everything in between. We focus on marriage and relationships. Over 95 percent of our clients are couples. We address issues that can be hindering the relationship from a relationship standpoint. If you were to compare us to doctors, think of most counselors as general practitioners and us as a specialist.

Do you take insurance?

No. We try to keep our rates low enough that education is affordable for all. By doing so any education you receive will not become part of your medical history. For some couples this is important.

What is education?

We believe relationships are learned behavior. Most couples want their love to grow stronger over the years, want good things for their children, want good conversation, and want a spiritual and emotional relationship with each other. Most have also not had a single formal class on how to do any of these things. We teach these skill sets.

What about after an affair?

An affair can be one of the most painful things for a couple to work through without help. There are many areas of hurt that are difficult to discuss. While addressing these we are also working on your individualized plan. There is hope in the darkness. Let us walk with you.

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