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Steve and Loretta at Badlands National Park

A little more about us.......

We are Loretta and Steve and we founded The Relationship Center

This center was founded on the belief that relationships are learned behavior, and couples could learn to do something differently.


Most people learn how to be married or in a relationship by observing their parents (family of origin), through trial and error, or television. Unfortunately, believing that TV relationships look like real life is the equivalent of watching an episode of Master Chef and thinking that you can open an elegant restaurant without a problem. 


We believe that good people can sometimes do bad things because we are all human. It's never about "getting back to where we were" but always about where you want to go. Forgiveness is not always enough. History will likely repeat itself without understanding how you got there and without setting boundaries that keep your relationship safe. 


We value you and your marriage simply because you are created in God's image. What this means to you is that we really do care if you are successful. We are not judgmental (that's not our job). We help you work through whatever problems you have in your relationship. 


We offer hope to couples through practical education (communication techniques) and spiritual growth (learning to love your partner).

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