Our Thoughts About Virtual Appointments

We were very disappointed when we were forced to close our physical offices temporarily. We love meeting people face to face, and we believe our offices provide a safe and neutral setting for our couples. Since we believed that during this time of uncertainty more than ever our couples would need us, we decided to provide a virtual place to meet.

We had been to virtual appointments before (doctors) and knew we needed something better to serve our couples. Instead of using our laptops, we set up offices and camera's. We purchased 32" monitors that set about 3 feet in front of us so we can see all of the expressions on our couples faces as we are working. We tried to make it as much like walking into our physical offices as we could. 


Then we had something happen that we never expected. Something wonderful. Instead of you coming to see us (our turf, so to speak) we were coming to see you! It was like we were making house calls! Couples seemed relaxed in their own homes, and we feel privileged that they would invite us in. They didn't have to travel. Little ones could be in bed and they did not have to worry about being gone. Older children did not need childcare if they had an activity to keep them busy. Couples in which one or the other was forced to travel didn't even have to be in the same place as long as they were both available at the same time. 

Comparing virtual appointments to appointments held at our offices is a lot like comparing an apple to an orange. Some people like the apple, some people like the orange, and some people like both. We like both. We think you will too!

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