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Our Thoughts About Virtual Appointments

Have you ever rented a movie? Most people have at some time or another. Most people that rent movies might tell you the movie is better at a theater, as the theater companies will tell you! Truthfully, I enjoy going to theaters every once in a while. Let’s look at some of the reasons we rent movies.

The first is more than likely convenience. Even after you pick the movie you want to see, if it’s a new movie, get your tickets in advance so it’s not sold out. You need to get a babysitter lined up. This involves not only finding someone you can trust with your children for a few hours, but also adds to the expense. Now you need to pack the kids up and take them to the sitters (hopefully nobody is sick), then go off to the movies. Don’t forget about popcorn and snacks (which often cost as much as the tickets). When you’re finished watching, it’s back to pick up the kids, and back home to put everybody to bed.


When you rent the movie, the kids are already occupied or in bed. If it’s snowing or raining outside, it doesn’t matter, and snacks are free. You’ve “saved” the use of your babysitter for a time you really want to do something, like that concert or that dinner with friends. If you have a fairly decent size screen, the movie is fun to watch, not nearly as expensive, and definitely more convenient.


In the past, most people did not have a “large” TV screen, but today the average is over 50”. They can enjoy a movie without going to the theater. In the past, most people did not have a good internet connection (capable of video), but today they do. They can have a video appointment with similar results as if they came to our office, although they will miss the coffee and tea we provide in our waiting room. All materials we use in person are available to our couples via our website for download and printing. 


We have had several people switch from in office appointments to online appointments. Some reasons are:

  • It’s hard to find child care.

  • It’s a rush to get here after working all day. Online, I just go home.

  • They are moving and want to stay with us.

  • They can be in two different places and still meet at the same time.

  • It’s more private.


Before you schedule, we would encourage you to ask yourself if you really need an in office appointment, or would you be served better with a virtual one? Once people see the convenience and quality of online appointments, they seldom go back to the in office ones.

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