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Fee Schedule

  • Your First Session ($150)

    • 90 minutes so we get a chance to hear your story​

    • This includes a very thorough assessment which is done online in between your first and second sessions

    • We give you some practical tools to work with until your next session


  • Your Second Session ($90)

    • We talk to you about your assessment and the strengths and weaknesses

    • Using this information, we help you decide the areas you would like to improve

    • We brainstorm obstacles that could get in the way, and have you develop a plan to overcome them

    • We talk about relapse prevention and what you can do to prevent it

  • We will learn more about you as we review the results of the Gottman Assessment

  • Sessions thereafter ($90)

    • 60 minutes

    • We give you practical tools to help you achieve your goals

  • Weekend Session (Saturday) $90

    • No additional cost

    • 60 minute session

    • Session availability is limited


One of the founding principles of the Huber Heights Marriage and Relationship Center is that education should be available and affordable to all. If you cannot honestly afford these rates, please contact us before giving up.


Our Disclaimer.......

Prices subject to change without notice

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