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Learning something new.......

You don't know how many times we've hear the phrase "you've changed" since we married. Often times it's not used in the most positive manner. The truth is, we all change as we move along in life. Unfortunately, those changes are not always for the better. The good news is we can all learn new things. You see, relationships are learned behavior.

   Don't believe me? Let's try something that might be new. I want you to have an argument with with your spouse, but before you do I want to give you a "rule" to follow. Here is the rule:

You many not use the word (or any form of the word) "YOU"

   Go ahead and try it. Seriously! You will find that your "heated discussions" will tend to take longer to heat up by following this rule, and usually won't get as "hot". Little things like this are what education (which is what we do) is all about. If you are having trouble communicating without using the word "you", maybe it's time to stop in and learn something new.

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