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This is really complicated.......

   We definitely understand "it's complicated". As we started working with couples we quickly found out that not everybody (truthfully almost nobody) fits into a nice neat "box". It's not like the TV shows at all. Couples get together and although they love each other forces outside themselves try to tear the relationship apart. We understand two different shifts in order to make ends meet. We understand how the X can influence the children, when you thought that chapter of your life was over. We understand how it can create hardship now. We understand what a troubled teenager can do to a marriage, and what unemployment feels like. We understand "outlaws and inlaws". We understand working it out when nobody else thinks you should. We understand what it feels like to have no hope. Let us carry that hope for you!

   About 95% of our work here is with couples. All bring their own stories, and they can be very complicated. You are not alone. Bring us your story. We will understand, and offer you tools to be able to communicate so your partner can understand also.

Missing Piece
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