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This is really complicated.......

We understand that relationships can be complex and challenging. As we started working with couples, we quickly learned that almost nobody fits into a neat "box." It's not like what we see on TV shows. Couples come together and love each other, but external forces can try to tear them apart. We understand the struggles of working different shifts to make ends meet. We know how unexpected events related to your X can affect children, even when you thought that chapter of your life was over. We understand how hardships can cause stress and affect relationships. We also know the impact of a troubled teenager on a marriage and how unemployment feels. We understand the challenges of dealing with "outlaws and in-laws" and working things out when nobody else thinks you should. We understand what it's like to have no hope. But you are not alone. Let us carry that hope for you!


Most of our work, about 95%, is with couples. Each couple brings their own unique and often complicated story. We are here to listen and understand your story. We will offer you tools to communicate effectively, so that you can understand and support each other.

Missing Piece
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